Apr 14, 2024 Co-hosting the ECCV 2024 AVGenL: Audio-Visual Generation and Learning workshop.
Mar 29, 2024 I am honored to be invited as the Area Chair of AI for Content Creation Workshop @ CVPR 2024 and Efficient Large Vision Models Workshop @ CVPR 2024.
Mar 20, 2024 A DiT-style Mamba-based diffusion models has been released, co-authored by Bjorn Ommer and other phd students in CompVis lab. Stay tuned for updates. :sparkles:
Dec 11, 2023 An editing method on latent flow matching is accepted by AAAI 2024:sparkles:
Nov 20, 2023 An extension paper on self-guided diffusion models has been submitted, co-authored by Mathilde Caron and Yuki Asano. Stay tuned for updates. :sparkles:
Aug 07, 2023 I am selected for CVPR 2023, ICCV 2023, and BMVC 2023 Doctoral Consortium. Here is the Summary of my PhD Research.
Jun 29, 2023 Two papers about the flow matching are submitted, thanks to my coorporators~ :sparkles: :smile:
May 22, 2023 Happy to present my works at FoMo lectures, KAUST, JiangMen. Thanks for the invitation from Peter Bloem, Bernard.
Jan 29, 2023 Committee members confirmed: Theo Gevers, Marcel Worring, Efstratios Gavves, Bernard Ghanem, Tim Salimans. :smile: