General Information

Full Name Tao Hu
Languages English, Chinese


  • 2023
    University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    • Label-efficient Learning in Computer Vision
    • Supervisors - Cees Snoek - Pascal Mettes
  • 2018
    Peking University, China
    • Computer Vision
  • 2012
    Wuhan University, China
    • Geodesy

Supervision and Cooporations

2023, Jacob Schnell ( Bachelor of UWaterloo ) Diffusion Models for Label-efficient Segmentation
2023, Divin Yan ( Fudan University ) Diffusion Models
2022, Andrea Rigo (Master of UTrento) Depth-aware generative modeling
2021, Martine Toering(M.S. of UvA) Self-supervised Video Representation Constrasting with RGB and Flow, Published in WACV 2021
2021, Hinrik Snær(M.S. of UvA) Efficient image segmentation
2020, Pengwan Yang(M.S. from Peking Univerisity) Localizing common action among a few videos, Published in ECCV 2020
2019, Martine Toering(B.A. of UvA) Video Classification from scratch.
2019, Paulien Rouwendaal(M.S. of UvA) Full and point supervised learning strategies for table cell detection.