HU Tao 胡涛
I'm currently a PhD in University of Amsterdam, supervised by Prof Cees Snoek. I earned my Master’s degree of Computer Science in Peking University, and my Bachelor degree from Wuhan University. My interests include machine learning, optimization and dense pixel tasks in computer vision,etc. I am currently looking for an internship or visiting opportunity, please contact me if you like.


One paper is submitted to ICCV!


Attention-based Multi-Context Guiding for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation, AAAI 2019
Tao Hu, Pengwan Yang, Chiliang Zhang, Gang Yu, Yadong Mu, Cees G.M. Snoek
(.pdf) (.supp) (bibtex)

Dense In Dense: Training Segmentation from Scratch, ACCV2018
Tao Hu, Yao Wang, Pengwan Yang
(.pdf) (bibtex)

Sobel Heuristic Kernel for aerial semantic segmentation, ICIP2018.
Tao Hu, Yao Wang, Peng Lu, Heng Wang
(.pdf) (bibtex)